Knowledge & Health Journal1735-577X7120120404Investigating the Prevalence of Calcium Deficiency and Some of its Influencing Factors in Pregnant Women and their Neonates394310.1234/knh.v7i1.117FAMaryamAbbasianShahroud University of Medical Sciences. mehdi_r_d@yahoo.comRezaChamanMehriDelvarian-ZadehMohammadAmiriMehdiRaeiPirastehNorouziAzamAhmadi zadeh20130819Introduction: Calcium (Ca) is one of the important nutrients during pregnancy. Ca and vitamin D deficiency have irreparable effects on fetal bone growth and development and on the health of pregnant women. This study investigated the effect of serum Ca and vitamin D metabolite and some of its influencing factors on pregnant women and their neonates in Shahroud. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted on 284 pregnant women who referred to Fatimiyeh Hospital in Shahroud. In this study, in addition to collecting demographic data, samples of maternal and cord blood were taken, and 25-hydroxy vitamin D, Ca and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) were measured. The data were analyzed through descriptive statistical tests and correlation tests. The level of significance for all tests was 0.05.Results: The mean (±standard deviation) age of women was 26.62±5.32 years. Ca deficiency was observed in 33.5% of mothers and in 25% of neonates. There was a significant relationship between maternal Ca level and neonate cord blood Ca (P>0.001, r= 0.25). There were no significant relationships between maternal Ca level and mother’s age (P=0.69), birth weight (P=0.67), the number of pregnancy (P=0.35) and serum levels of vitamin D (P=0.23).Conclusion: With regard to the high prevalence of Ca and vitamin D deficiency which was found in this study, and the detrimental effects this might have on the health of mothers and neonates, we suggest, in addition to using Ca and vitamin D supplements by pregnant women, appropriate health training also be provided to mothers to promote suitable nutrition and encourage greater exposure to sunlight.

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