Knowledge & Health Journal1735-577X5420100424An Epidemiological Study of Accidents among Construction Workers in Kerman323610.1234/knh.v5i4.159FAJavadVatani-Shoaaدانشگاه علوم پزشکی شاهرود- گروه بهداشت حرفه ای- عضو هیأت علمی. jvatani@gmail.comMahmoudSalasiAbbasBahrampourMahdiRaeiMohamadAsadiRezaJafari-NodoushanHasanKhajeShahabKamkar20130819Introduction: Accidents are known among the leading causes of deaths and disabilities in developing and industrialized countries.  Among the various occupations and activities, construction industry is among the most hazardous industries in the world, the risk of which and its following harms are still somehow unknown. This study aimed at investigating the epidemiology of accidents in construction, for the first time in Kerman.Methods: In this descriptive, analytical study, all construction workers (n=153) who had been hurt at work during 2006-2008 were investigated. The data were collected through questionnaire and were analyzed by chi-square and regression logistic test, SPSS statistical software. Results: The mean age of the injured workers was 32 years (the lowest age was 16 and the highest was 70 years) and the highest rate of accidents occurred among the 16-36 years-old age group. Generally, 16.3 % (n=25) of the accidents led to death and 77.8% of the accidents occurred to people with junior high school and lower levels of education. There were significant relationships between the three variables of year, season and the shift in which the accident occurred and the result (death or survival) of the accident. However, no significant relationships were observed between the insurance status of the injured and the results of the accidents.Conclusion: In Iran, there are strong relationships between reasons and results of accidents, so this study recommends more studies with the aim of changing the current trend to prevent the accidents in future.

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