Knowledge & Health Journal1735-577X4320091229Estimating Relative Survival of Breast Cancer Patients Referring to Imam Khomeini Cancer Institute during 1990-951710.1234/knh.v4i3.178FAAmirKasaeianدانشگاه علوم پزشکی شاهرود- گروه علوم پايه- مربی. amir_kasaeian@yahoo.comAlirezaAbadiYadollahMehrabiAlirezaMousavi Jarrahi20130820Introduction: In comparison with observed and cause-specific survival, relative survival, as an estimate of net survival, has become a more preferred measure for the analysis of patients’ survival based on data from population-based-cancer registries. This research is carried out to estimate and investigate the net survival of breast cancer patients.Methods: In order to estimate relative survival, we used Finnish annual probabilities of death as a standard source to estimate expected survival in this study. Data consist of 662 breast cancer patients diagnosed at the cancer institute of Imam Khomeini hospital during 1990-95 and followed up to the end of 2000. Data were analyzed using SAS software, version 9.1.Results: The results showed that the three-year relative survival for 3 age groups of 15-44, 45-59 and 60-74 were 85, 90 and 80% respectively, whereas it was low for the age group of 75+ (67%). Following up the age group of 45-59 for two consequent years, the estimate of relative survival ratio was obtained approximately one. For some intervals, the follow-up estimate of relative survival was greater than one.Conclusion: Based on the results, survival following diagnosis of cancer has decreased with the increasing of age groups. It is also seen that, with the increasing years of follow-up, survival following diagnosis of cancer has first decreased and then a little increased. The decreasing rate for age group of 75+ is noticeable. The statistical cure point for the age group of 45-59 is acceptable but for the age groups of 45-59 and 60-74, the quality of following up is low in some follow-up intervals. 

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