Journal of Knowledge & Health1735-577X13320181119Curcumin prevents 6-OHDA Induced Cell Death and ERK disruption in Human Neuroblastoma Cells1710.22100/jkh.v13i3.1925FAMaryam0000-0001-6943-477XMoosaviShiraz University of Medical Sciences. RezaFarokhi201805012018062020180619Introduction: Curcumin, a natural phenolic yellow chemical derived from turmeric, has been found to exert some protective effects in animal and cellular models of Parkinson's disease (PD). The present study aimed to examine whether curcumin prevents the effect of 6-OHDA in human neuroblastoma cells and MAPKs signaling.Methods: SH-SY5Y cells were treated with 6-OHDA (50 µM) for 24 h. The effect of curcumin (2 and 2.5 µM) on cellular viability (MTT assay) and MAPKs (ERK, JNK and p38) (wester blot assay) was evaluated.Results: 6-OHDA caused significant reduction of neuronal viability and p-ERK decrement. The results indicate that curcumin can partially protected against 6-OHDA induced cell death and p-ERK decline.Conclusion: These finding suggest that ERK restoration is related to the protective effect of curcumin against 6-OHDA in human neuroblastoma cells.