Knowledge & Health Journal1735-577X3120080610Evaluation and Comparison of Clinical and Para- Clinical Diagnosis of Trichomonas Vaginitis in Women Referred to Shahroud City Health Care Centers333810.1234/knh.v3i1.202FANahidBolbolhaghighiدانشگاه علوم پزشكي شاهرودـ مربی گروه مامایی. nbhaghighi349@yahoo.comHosseinEbrahimiPirastehNorouziMehriDelvarianzadeh20130821Introduction: Trichomonas is a sexually transmitted disease and its agent is a flagellated parasite called trichomonas vaginitis. This is the third common reason of vaginities and 180 millions women at world and 2-3 millions at U.S suffer from it. Because of its high prevalence and expensive treatment, we decided to evaluate its clinical and para- clinical diagnosis.  Methods: This is an analytic cross-sectional study and carried out on 300 women with signs of vaginitis infections and had indication for Pap smear which referred to shahrood city heath care centers. In this study we took two samples of secretion from both endocervix and exocervix by speculum spred them on two lame contemporaneous, and one sample from posterior koldosace secretions with cotton soup and entered to tube with sterilized physiological serum. Questionnaires were filled among patients by midwife. The cases were followed by taking Pap smear and wet smear, calturing and filling the second questionnaire. Finally, the results in medical, microbiological and cytological diagnosis were compared. The sensivity and specifity of each diagnostic method were evaluated using statistical methods. Results: Results of the study showed that the most outbreaks of trichomonas vaginitis were at age group between 21 to 35 (52.6%) and the lowest prevalence was among women less than 20(5.3%) years old. It is reported 78 cases of trichomonas in clinical examination, but none of culture medias has demonstrated trichomonas. Percentage of false positive at clinical diagnosis method was 26% more than culture method and 25.7 % more than wet smear and Pap smear methods. Conclusion: Paraclinic with clinical examination play an important role in diagnosis and treatment of vaginitis. Thus for preventing of unnecessary drug prescription and preventing it’s side effects, it is recommended para- clinical examination in suspect patients.

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