Knowledge & Health Journal1735-577X8220130420The Effects of Regular Physical Activity at Home on Patients' Quality of Life after Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery515610.1234/knh.v8i2.21FAZeinabAmirianMSc. Student of Nursing, Uremia University of Medical Sciences. hemmatma@yahoo.comMasoumehHemmati MaslakpakRostamJalaliHamidrezaKhalkhaliShahyadSalehi20130812Introduction: Chronic diseases such as heart diseases have adverse effects on the physical, psychological, social performance, and overall quality of life of patients. This study aimed to determine the effect of regular physical activity at home on the quality of life in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery.Methods: This Quasi-experimental study was carried out on patients who had undergone coronary artery bypass surgeries. 58 patients from Urmia Syedolshoheda hospital were selected randomly and then allocated into two intervention and control groups randomly. Data collected with using MacNew quality of life questionnaire. Patients in intervention group were trained with combined exercises at least three times a week and performed this exercises for 12 week at home. Data were analyzed using Chi-sqaure, Mann-Whitney and Wilcoxon testes. Results: Findings of the study showed promotion in quality of life domains in physical, emotional and social after performance of regular physical activity at home in intervention group (P=0.001). A significant difference was observed between patients quality of life after regular physical activity in intervention and the control groups (P=0.001). Conclusion: Regular physical activity at home has important effects on patients' promotion of quality of life after coronary artery bypass surgeries. Therefore, it is suggested that after CABG patients be trained with regular physical activity at home. 

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