Journal of Knowledge & Health1735-577X14120190618Effects of Crocin on Lerning, Spatial Memory Impairment and Necrosis Cells Death in Rats Hippocampus Area in Methamphetamine Induced Neurotoxicity122110.22100/jkh.v14i1.2129FAMonireORCID:0000-0002-4340-7893Shafahi. khaksari417@yahoo.comGolamhassanVaeziHoomanShajieeShahramSharafiMehdiORCID:0000-0002-2240-1521Khaksari2018123020190413Introduction: Methamphetamine (METH), as a highly neurotoxic compound, is associated with irreversible brain cell damage and results in neurological and psychiatric abnormalities. This study aimed to determine if crocin can protect hippocampus against METH-induced neurotoxicity.Methods: thirty-six male Wistar rats that weighed 260-300 grs were randomly allocated to five groups of control (n=6), crocin 90 mg/kg (n=6), METH (n=6), METH + crocin 30 mg/kg (n=6), METH + crocin 60 mg/kg (n=6), and METH + crocin 90 mg/kg (n=6). METH neurotoxicity was induced by 40 mg/kg of METH in four injections (e.g., 4×10 mg/kg q. 2 h, IP). Crocin was intraperitoneally (IP) injected at 30 min, 24 h, and 48 h after the final injection of METHSeven days after METH injection, spatial memory test was evaluated by Morris water maze and then the rats’ brains were removed for Nissl staining staining to assess necrosis neuronal death within the hippocampal CA1 area.Results: Crocin treatment could significantly improve spatial memory deficits and reduced necrosis cell death in CA1 area of hippocampusConclusion: Crocin exerts neuroprotective effects on METH neurotoxicity via the inhibition of necrosis.