Journal of Knowledge & Health1735-577X14120190618Analyzing the Chromosomal-Protective Effect of Salvia Limbata Against Damages Induced by X-irradiation in Comparison to Vitamin E in Peripheral Human Lymphocytes364210.22100/jkh.v14i1.2163FAMahinORCID:0000-0002-4793Akhbari. n90.akhbari@gmail.comFarhangORCID:0000-0002-5998-7183HaddadKhadijeORCID:0000-0002-3536-3456Nejad Shahrokh abadi201901272019061520190610Introduction: Ionizing irradiation from natural and manmade instruments is a big thread to human genetic health. So, finding the protective agents against this thread would have a great role in increasing the quality of human life. Due to the unwanted side effects and high price, chemical radioprotectants do not have widespread use in this matter.  Search for finding natural radioprotectants with herbal origin has been accelerated. Therefore, in this research radioprotective effect of Salvia limbata against induced chromosomal damages by X-irradiation was analyzed.Methods: Ten healthy male volunteers were divided in two groups. First group was treated with vitamin E and the second one was treated with brewed Salvia limbata for one week. Blood sampling and 2 Gy x-irradiation was performed right after, 24, 96 hours and one week after last consumption of vitamin E and brewed Salvia limbata as well as before start of the treatments. Chromosomal aberrations were calculated using micronucleus assay in binucleated cells.Results: Results showed the decrease in the frequency of micronucleus after vitamin E and Brewed Salvia limbata treatment. Comparing the results of two treatment regimens revealed that effect of vitamin E in decreasing the micronucleus frequency was temporary and its protective effect diminished after 24 hours, however, radioprotective effect of brewed Salvia limbata was long lasting in comparison to vitamin E.Conclusion: According to the performed study, it seems that brewed Salvia limbata could be a suitable alternative for chemical radioprotectant with some harmful side effects and high price.