Vol 11, No 3:2016

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1234/jkh.v11i3

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Effect of Family Empowerment Model on Re-Hospitalization and Outpatient Visits in a Period of Nine Months among Heart Failure Patients PDF (Persian) XML (Persian)
Shahriar Salehi1, Housenali Mehralin2, Ali Mohamad Hasheminia3 Page: 1-7
Determinants of Health and the Cost of Catastrophic Health Expenses in Households PDF (Persian) XML (Persian)
Yousef Mohammadzadeh1, Khadijeh Hasanzadeh2 Page:8-16
Efficacy of Comprehensive Training of Health-Based Parenting Skills to Mothers on Modification of Eating Behaviors of Over Weight Children PDF (Persian) XML (Persian)
Shahnaz Noohi1, Hamidreza Hatami2, Masoud Janbozorgi3, Ashrafolsadat Banijamali4 Page:17-24
Predictors of Fatigue in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease PDF (Persian) XML (Persian)
Atefe Ghanbari1, Nasim Shirmohamadi2, Ezzat Paryad3, Ehsan Kazemnejad Leily4 Page:25-31
Modeling of Treatment of Dairy Wastewaters by Electrocoagulation Process Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System PDF (Persian) XML (Persian)
Mohammad Abdollahzadeh1, Roshanak Rafiei Nazari2, Negar Abasi Bastami3, Ebrahim Esmaeili4, Mojtaba Raeisi5, Majid Arabameri6 Page:32-39
The Effect of an Aerobic Exercise on MTNR1B Gene Expression, Insulin and Glucose Levels in Pancreas of Induced Diabetic Rat with Streptozotocin-Nicotinamide PDF (Persian) XML (Persian)
Mohammad Rashidi1, Rahman Soori2, Sirous Choobineh3, Ali Asghar Ravasi4, Kazem Baesi5 Page:40-48
Evaluation of Slaughtered Camels Liver Infection in Shahroud in 2015 PDF (Persian) XML (Persian)
Ahmadreza Yazdanbakhsh1, Hossein Hatami2, Gholamali Sharifiarab3, Majid Arabameri4 Page:49-54
Diagnosis of Anti-Nuclear Antibody Using Calf Thymus Coated Glass in Patient with Lupusf Thymus Coated Glass in Patient with Lupus PDF (Persian) XML (Persian)
Seyed Zeynolabedin Hosseini1, Masoomeh Masoomikarimi2, Moslem Jafarisani3, Sady Kazemi Shahandashti4, Mansour Lakourj5, Ramezan GHafaricherati6, Aghil Tabar Molahasan7 Page:55-62
Evaluation of 2100MHz Waves Effect Emitted from Third Generation of Mobile Cell Phones On Oxidative Stress Inducing and Lung Adsorption of Tc-Mibi In Male Wistar Rats PDF (Persian) XML (Persian)
Mitra Bokharaeian1, Majid Jadidi2, Hadi Hasanzadeh3, Majid Rahmati4 Page:63-68
Using the Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Diagnosing of intensity of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease by Clinical Parameters PDF (Persian) XML (Persian)
Mojtaba Shahabi1, Hamid Hassanpour2 Page:69-75

ISSN: 3753-2345